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Codeforces Round #294 (Div. 2)

Today (February 28th, 2015) Codeforces Round #294 was held. This round was prepared by me and Bekzhan Kassenov. The contest was rated for the second division, however, as usually, many participants from the first division took part in it unoficially.


Preparing a contest on such a popular website was a unique experience for us. In addition, we were the first from Kazakhstan to prepare the round. This fact honored us, but also made us feel a bit nervous. We are very glad, that eventually it went smoothly. Thank you all 3000+ participants of the round! It was fun :)

There are already several blog posts that describe what is like to be an author on Codeforces. Here are some more points from me. Hope you will find something new, interesting or useful here:

I hope there will be many interesting Codeforces rounds in the future, and they will be more frequent. Maybe you want to prepare the contest? ;)

28 February 2015

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Azamat   28 April 2015, at 20:43

чувак ты крут!

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