Life Turn [Flash version]

Genre: puzzle.

Release date: February 2011.

Engine: Adobe Flash


He was a usual boy in the wheelchair, until he got a device, which could change the gravity. Now he can do things that he couldn't even imagine before, he can reach places which nobody ever reached. And your task is to help him.

Life Turn — puzzle platformer developed in collaboration with SaintHeiser. Your goal is to pass all hard puzzles, using the change of the gravity.

The game was ported on flash by Josip Miskovic. From the usual version of the game flash version differs in smaller resolution (640х480), the presence of highscores system and hints, available in every level.

Game features:

  • 20 main and 12 bonus levels.

  • Well-designed graphics and music.

  • Highscores system — try to finish the game better and faster.

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