Here I post programming projects that I've completed or on which I am currently working on.



Algos is a collection of different algorithms, mainly used for programming competitions (like ACM ICPC).

Contains algorithms divided by topic. Most algorithms are runnable from the file as is. All algorithms have a reference problem on which they can be tested (or are waiting for this problem to be provided).

You may also see the original repository of Algos. Feel free to contribute.



Freeway is a website and mobile app that helps you to find buildings equipped with wheelchair ramps in Kazakhstan (in Russian).

Built with Zarina Rakhimberdina in two days during Microsoft InnCoding Hackathon in Astana, Fall 2014.



Passclip helps you to login into your internet accounts using your smartphone without need to remember and type your username and password.

Initially Passclip was created as a final project for my Mobile Programming university course, in the team of four students.

Built using Android (Java), PHP, HTML, CSS and JQuery.

Website that connects drivers and passagers across Kazakhstan.

Built using PHP, HTML & CSS.

Current status: abandoned. Cached version (May 15th, 2014) is available here.


I used to develop games on Game Maker and Adobe Flash in high school. For the right work of the games please unpack archives and use the latest flash player.

Lifeturn flash

Life Turn [Flash version]

Flash version of Life Turn — puzzle platformer game, based on the change of gravity.

Ported on flash by Josip Miskovic. Game is developed in collaboration with SaintHeiser.


Life Turn

Life Turn — puzzle platformer game, based on the change of gravity. There are 20 main and 12 bonus levels with challenging puzzles in each of them. In-game level editor allows you to create you own levels and load custom user levels from the files.

Game is developed in collaboration with SaintHeiser.



Keyword is a puzzle game, in which in every of 30 levels you need to find the hidden password. The right password opens the next level. However, finding every password is a challenging logical task, since every level is a unique puzzle, different from all others.



This is a game in the genre of tower defence. The player will take the role of the owner of nuclear power plant, protecting it from terrorist attacks. To keep the power plant safe, he will have to use radiation, various defense equipment and apply strategic planning to every mission.

Chess horse

Сhess horse

Chess Horse is a computer version of classic puzzle about chess piece called knight. By the rules of the puzzle, the piece destroys every chessboard square that it visits. You goal is to destroy all the squares of the chessboard and don't get stuck.