Almaty Hike I: Kok Zhailau

July 2019

Kok Zhailau is a beautiful mountain plateau near Almaty. It is probably the most popular and one of the easiest hiking destinations around. On any given weekend there are dozens of hikers going there for a picnic, to camp, or just to enjoy nature.

Hike Duration: 3-4 hours for the roundtrip.
Distance: ~9 km roundtrip.
Difficulty: easy.
Directions: Strava map, gorny-club.kz.

The trail starts with the mild incline in the birch trees grove.

After half an hour, the trail becomes much flatter, and you can start to see Almaty city down below.

From here, you can catch a glimpse of higher mountains to the south.


There are a lot of fallen trees on the nearby hills. Result of the recent storms?

The trail is quite nice and scenic.

Finally, Kok Zhailau. You can rest and have a picnic here, or, if you still have time and energy, hike higher. Enjoy!